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Waste Study: Call for Volunteers!

The Montclair Environmental Commission would like to share the following opportunity with Montclair residents on behalf of Raysa Martinez Kruger, a PhD candidate at Rutgers University. To volunteer to participate in the focus groups, see contact information below. Please share this announcement with your friends and neighbors in Montclair!
You are invited to participate in one of three FOCUS GROUPS being conducted by a Rutgers University graduate student. The purpose of the focus groups is to learn from community residents concerning their VIEWS ABOUT GARBAGE AND RELATED ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES. You are invited to participate in only one of the three focus group sessions. Each group will consist of not more than 10 participants who share a similar neighborhood or community. The focus group discussion will last about one hour. The focus group interview procedure involves a series of prepared questions and visual aids. During the focus group discussion, the researcher will ask the group a set of prepared questions, ask for participants’ answers, and encourage discussion among them by asking additional follow-up questions, if necessary.
Participation in the focus group is confidential. The potential benefits to society of participation in this study would include a better understanding of how community residents come to view and understand garbage and related issues as environmental and social problems in New Jersey.  Participation in this study is voluntary. Participants will receive $20 for their participation in the one-hour long focus group discussion.
Please see the announcement for dates, times, and locations in Montclair. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. If you would like to participate, CONTACT THE RESEARCHER at (732) 439-7158 to sign up. Register now as space is limited.