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ShredFest is on April 30th!

Montclair residents doing some spring cleaning can now celebrate Earth Day and enjoy the peace of mind from seeing their confidential documents securely shredded, while saving money and boosting recycling.

The next Montclair Shred-Fest! will be held on Sunday, April 30, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., at the Community Services Yard, 219 North. Fullerton Avenue. This event is hosted by the Montclair office of Environmental Affairs and is free for all residents.

Some people are concerned about recycling their personal documents such as tax forms, medical records, financial information or business transactions. These recyclable papers often end up getting thrown away as garbage, but that disposal is expensive.

All municipalities in this county pay around $84 per ton to burn our refuse at the Essex Covanta mass-burn incinerator, in the Ironbound section of Newark.

Instead, Montclair actually earns money for our recycled paper, so not only do we avoid the cost of disposal, we also generate income from selling the recyclables to our vendor. That means over a $100 per ton difference between throwing away our paper or recycling it.

Our community disposed of almost 11,500 tons of solid waste last year, and as much as one-third of that was recyclable paper. That means Montclair taxpayers threw away well over one-third of a million dollars; talk about burning our own money!

Therefore, we need to capture all of these unwanted documents. Now residents can watch their private papers be destroyed, while still recycling this valuable material.

A paper-shredding truck will be provided, free of charge; residents just drive in and unload their personal files. You may bring paper in a reusable container, or in paper bags or boxes, but no plastic bags!

So, you can now recycle more paper, clear out all those unneeded documents from your home, and help to save tax dollars, all at the 2017 Montclair Shred-Fest!

Remember: confidential paper documents only; regular paper recycling is collected curbside, or can be dropped off on Saturdays at the Recycling Center in the DCS Yard.

Don’t worry about paper clips, staples, or envelope windows, but no metal clasps or hanging files; clear scotch tape is acceptable, but not masking or duct tape.

For further information, contact the office of Environmental Affairs at 973-509-5721, or, grussell@montclairnjusa.org.