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Plastic Bag Ban discussion at tonight’s Town Council meeting

Dear Friends of the Montclair Environmental Commission:

We are reaching out to remind you that tonight, Tuesday, June 25th at 7 PM the Town Council will have the First Reading of the Plastic Bag Ban/Fee Program.

All those who support and want to accelerate the approval of this draft ordinance attached should attend.  We especially could use the support of retailers who have already switched to paper bags and/or have been encouraging their customers to bring their own bags and customers who patronize retailers that have eliminated/replaces single-use plastic bags.  
Relevant attachments and link:

Please attend and show support for this plastic pollution reduction ordinance to keep plastics off off our beaches, out of our waterways and away from marine and bird life, etc.  Microplastics are showing up in some of the food we eat and drink, as well as in the air we breathe when incinerated. Working together we can greatly reduce the volume of single-use plastic manufactured, use and recycled.


The Montclair Environmental Commission:  Lyle Landon, Catherine Outlaw, Keith Brodock, Imke Oster, Suzanne Aptman, Janine Salvador, Ben Rich, Siobhan McCarthy, Gray Russell.