“Sustainability” is a set of ideals about the present and future in which environmental stewardship, economic growth, and social equity are all pursued in self-sustaining ways. The needs of the present do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs. On March 18, 2003, the Resolution of the Township of Montclair Endorsing and Adopting the Policy of Sustainability for Township Decision making, Purchasing and Operations.

The Resolution directs the Township Manager and staff to implement the concepts of sustainability in all decision making, purchasing and operations. The Montclair Environmental Commission has prepared the “Sustainable Montclair Planning Guide” to be used as a tool for decision making about the procurement and delivery of public goods and services now and into the future. The Guide is a “living” document subject to amendment and update incorporating public input. Most recently, the Commission prepared a conservation element as a supplement to the planning guide. The Commission is working to study various sustainable strategies, for example conversion of the town’s motor vehicle fleet to alternative fuels, purchase of recycled products and performance of an energy audit.

The Commission is seeking interested citizens to assist in the sustainability effort. If you have any interest, please contact the Commission by writing or e-mailing. By choosing to support and implement sustainable development goals and decision making, Montclair can take its place as a leader in the worldwide community of towns and cities that are pioneering the way to a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come.