Members serve for 3 year terms; Alternates serve for 2 year terms. All terms expire on Dec. 31 of the designated year. There are 7 members (with one being a member of the Planning Board) and 2 Alternates, as well as one Liaison from the Township.


Term Expiration:

Catherine Outlaw, Interim Co-Chair  2016
Lyle Landon, Co-Chair  2017
Keith Brodock, Commissioner, Planning Board Member  2017
James Sherman, Commissioner  2018
Gray Russell, Township Liaison  Designee
Siobhan McCarthy, Commissioner  2016
Jerry Fried, Commissioner  2018
Jessica Stolzberg, Commissioner  2018


Suzanne Aptman (1st)  2017
Imke Oster (2nd)  2017

Town Council Liaisons:

Bill Hurlock
Robin Schlager
Sean Spiller


Siobhan McCarthy