About Us

Mission Statement:

  • Seek out emerging issues and develop sound long-term policy recommendations
  • Advocate for positive change in the policies and operations of Town Government
  • Increase government and citizen awareness of current and emerging issues, act as a resource for how to deal with these issues
  • Recruit, manage and promote volunteerism and individual and group expertise

About the Montclair Environmental Commission

The Montclair Environmental Commission (M.E.C.) was established by ordinance in 2001 (Ordinance No. 01-46), consistent with state laws creating environmental commissions. The Commission is comprised of seven members (one of whom is also a member of the Planning Board), plus two alternates.  In addition, a member of the Town Council attends commission meetings and acts as a liaison between the Commission and the Council.

The role of the commission is to study, evaluate, and make recommendations to the Township Council and the Planning Board regarding local environmental issues, including (but not limited to) the following topics: solid waste management and recycling; clean water resources; stormwater management; energy conservation and renewable energy resources; air, noise, and light pollution; transportation and circulation planning; preservation and use of parks and other open spaces; land use; and protection of flora, fauna, soil and landscape throughout the Township. In addition, they review the potential effects of applications before the Planning and the Zoning Boards. The M.E.C. also provides environmental information to residents.

The Montclair Environmental Commission is committed to sustainability, a policy incorporating economic responsibility, environmental stewardship, and equitable, just social benefits into municipal decision-making, operations, and purchasing. In 2002, the Commission produced the Sustainable Montclair Planning Guide, an over-arching environmental ‘how-to’ policy guide for the municipal government.

For creating this ‘living document’, and its subsequent endorsement by Township Council Resolution, the M.E.C. was presented the 2003 Annual Environmental Achievement Award from the Association of N.J. Environmental Commissions (ANJEC). It is expected that implementing sustainability programs and projects in Montclair will result in long-term cost savings, improved health for residents and municipal employees, preservation of property values, energy conservation to reduce our town’s contribution to climate change, plus additional environmental and quality of life benefits.

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