Time is Running Out for Montclair’s Mature Trees.

Plant a tree. Today. Why? Montclair’s tree population is aging. And older trees are vulnerable to disease and storm damage. Private planting ensures there’s minimal interruption to the tree population, and tomorrow’s generations will reap the rewards of a regenerative planting initiative today. Your trees continue to  add 10-20% to the overall valuation of your home.

Preserve a Montclair tradition. Two generations ago, Montclair residents planted trees on private property to enhance aesthetic value and to get protection from summer heat. Many of these trees have reached peak maturity, and their lives and Montclair’s reputation as a leafy town are in danger.

Public planting is not enough to  replenish the tree population, so the community needs your help.

Protect indigenous trees. Native trees are an important habitat for local insect and bird species, and help foster sustainable living by providing cleaner air, reducing cooling costs and preventing water run off.

If you are thinking of planting a tree, take a look at our list of NJ native shade trees on this webpage. If you have a landscaper, you can also ask him/her for advice on what will suit your property best.

For your convenience, we have provided a list of local nurseries. The price of tree ranges from $80 – $ 300 (all depending on variety and diameter size). If you don’t have a landscaper, the nursery will deliver and plant the tree for you (at a planting fee about 50 – 80% of the tree price). Most nurseries guarantee the life of the tree for the first year. Some nurseries will also give a discount if you mention this campaign.

Tree Species Suitable for Replacement on Private Property

From Steve Schuckmann, Arborist

Nurseries and Garden Centers

These nurseries sell, plant and usually guarantee the 12 months of your tree’s life.

Richfield Farms Garden Center and Nursery
(973) 777-7535
1139 Van Houten Ave, Clifton, NJ

Center Ridge Garden Center
(973) 667-0991
652 Centre St, Nutley, NJ
Visit on Facebook

Hillcrest Farms & Greenhouse
(973) 239-0809
377 Bloomfield Ave, Verona, NJ

Pleasantdale Nurseries Incorporated
(973) 731-0830
240 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ

Cedar Grove Garden Center
(973) 256-1950
1201 Pompton Ave, Cedar Grove, NJ

Ploch’s Garden Center
(973) 471-5555
1172 Broad St, Clifton, NJ

Planting and Maintenance Advice

  • Plant a tree a minimum of 5 feet from the side walk or road (Large shade trees will lift slabs if closer than five feet)
  • Leave a distance between your house (or other building) and the tree of at least half the wide of the mature tree’s canopy
  • A young tree needs frequent watering the first 6 months until the roots have firmed (fall is the best time to plant trees to avoid hot and dry summer months if you don’t want to commit to watering your young tree through the summer)
  • Not all trees can be planted in fall. Many species are what we call ‘Fall dig hazards’ – they do not recover from being dug in fall. These are:
    • Acer rubrum, Betula (all), Carpinus (all), Celtis, Cercis, Cornus, Crataegus, Fagus (all), Liquidambar, Liriodendron, Nyssa, Ostrya, Platanus, Quercus (all except Q. palustris), Ulmus.
    • These trees can be planted in fall ONLY if oversized root ball is dug (18″ per inch caliper) OR planted from container.
    • No evergreen should be planted later than September 15; Juniperous not in fall at all.
  • Some species though native are inferior plants. They are silver maple (Acer saccharinum), Striped maple (Acer pennsylvanicum). I also do not consider Pinus echinata, P virginiana native in north Jersey.
  • It should be noted that many native species will be difficult to find in larger sizes (for example, white oak as it does not transplant well, and also Carya spp.).

For questions, feel free to email Scott at (Please note that Scott is volunteering his time and passion for trees, so please keep it brief, thank you)

Other Useful Links

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