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Celebrate Earth Hour!


Earth Hour began as a way to bring awareness to energy usage and conservation. Started in 2007 by the World Wildlife Fund, this year’s event will be held worldwide at 8:30 pm local time tonight, March 19th, when participants are asked to turn off any non-essential lights or electronics as a way to conserve energy.

While turning off the lights (and subsequently turning them back on an hour later) may not have a significant impact on overall energy consumption, Earth Hour is a good time to think about how we can all reduce our energy consumption on a daily basis and reduce our carbon footprints.

For ideas on how to reduce your home energy consumption, check out the following links: What You Can Do At Home Energy Efficiency

NRDC: Energy Saving Tips

You can also calculate your carbon footprint using this calculator from the Nature Conservancy.

For more information about Earth Hour, visit the official website at

Sale of Bullock School SRECs generates $100K in income

Solar panels on roof

Montclair Environmental Commission Assists Board of Education in Realizing $100,275 of Income from the Sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits from Bullock School Solar Panel

Montclair, New Jersey – July 9, 2015

The Montclair Environmental Commission has assisted the Montclair Board of Education in realizing $104,275 income from the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) generated by the solar photovoltaic panel atop the Charles Bullock School.

On June 30, 2015 Brian Fleischer, Business Administrator for the Montclair Board of Education, with the assistance of James Sherman of the Montclair Environmental Commission, executed the SREC sale.  158 Energy Year 2013 SRECs were sold for $220 per SREC, 225 Energy Year 2014 SRECs were sold for $225 per SREC, and 188 Energy Year 2015 SRECs were sold for $230 per SREC for a total of $100,275 of SREC income.

“The $100,275 realized from the sale of the SRECs, during these tight budgetary times, is tremendously helpful for the school district” said Brian Fleischer of the Board of Education.

“We always look to work with the Board of Education on environmental and energy matters and we have now re-built that relationship and look forward to closer cooperation with the Board of Education going forward” said Sherman.  He observed that a lot of technical and procedural issues had cropped up along the way but that together, the Montclair Environmental Commission and Board of Education “got the job done to everyone’s benefit.  We are proud to have helped to support the public schools.”

The Montclair Environmental Commission (MEC) first assisted the Board of Education with the design of the $23 million dollar Bullock School which came on line in 2010.  In cooperation, the MEC and the Board of Education required the architectural design team to incorporate solar photovoltaic power and a geothermal heating/cooling system.  The solar photovoltaic system reduces the amount of grid electricity the Board of Education has to buy while also generating SREC income, a double-win.  The geothermal system also reduces power consumption.  Both systems help reduce the school’s carbon footprint.

Anyone interested in tracking the real-time performance of the Bullock School’s solar panel may do it remotely by dialing in to


Brian Fleischer, Business Administrator, Montclair Board of Education, 973-509-4050

James Sherman, Montclair Environmental Commission, 973-303-2106


Solar Homes Montclair, 2/12 7pm

Have you often wondered if you could have solar panels on your roof, but were confused about the costs, special deals, and incentives? The Montclair Office of Environmental Affairs is hosting a free event to answer all your questions, so residents can reduce their electricity bills while protecting the planet.

Solar panels on roof

“Solar Homes Montclair”, on Thursday, February 12, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., at the Fire Headquarters’ Community Room, 1 Pine Street, 07042, will bring several solar companies together to provide clear presentations with helpful information explaining financial options, leasing versus buying, solar energy credits, with responses to every question so that homeowners and commercial property owners can make smart, responsible choices.

New Jersey is a national leader in solar installations, and thousands of homeowners are already enjoying the benefits of clean, affordable electricity, with cutting-edge solar technology. These companies will explain simply what it takes to go solar – from permits to local incentives.

Helping the environment doesn’t have to mean emptying your pockets; in fact an energy plan can save you thousands of dollars. In some cases, property owners can acquire solar panels with little or no upfront costs.

Different people go solar for different reasons, but the outcome is the same: more power from the sun, lower electricity costs, and the chance to make a positive environmental impact.

For inquiries, contact the office of Environmental Affairs at (973) 509-5721, or, email

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