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Greener and Cheaper Energy!

Beginning July, 2019 Montclair residents will be getting energy that is nearly double the renewable energy content of the current supply at lower rates thanks to Sustainable Essex Alliance, a Government Energy Aggregation (SEA R-GEA) program initiated by five Essex county Environmental Commissions.

Key facts:

  • Energy supply will be 20% more renewable content than state regulated minimum
  • Cost will be approximately 10% less than the average price of current PSE&G supply
  • PSE&G continues to provide energy delivery, billing, maintenance and emergency services

Green Film Series Coaching Clinic

Montclair’s office of Environmental Affairs presents the next free screening of the Green Film Series on Thursday, April 18, 6:00p.m., at the Montclair Public Library, 50 South Fullerton Avenue, 07042.

In observance of Earth Day 2019, we are excited to present a new film, “The Race to Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic”, hosted in person by Rezwan Razani, Founder of Footprint to Wings. “FP2W” is a non-profit organization launching a race to be the first net-zero carbon state in the USA. The first state to achieve a net zero carbon economy – with the best quality of life – wins!

“In a world where Team Doom is dancing in civilization’s end zone, and Team Earth is just playing out the clock, a Zero Carbon Coach and a Scoreboard Committee Member will walk you thru the Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic.”

Why a “Coaching Clinic?” Because while many people want to beat climate change, few know what it will actually take. While everyone has some favorite “plays” they like to focus on, few know how, or if, those plays really add up.

While we tell our politicians to “do something”, we’re not that specific about what that “something” is.
If we’re serious about getting all the way to zero carbon (and beyond), we’re going to need to raise the level of our game.
It’s not enough to #ClimateStrike; we need to do our #ClimateHomework!
It’s not enough to dream about a winning touchdown pass (#ClimateLawsPassed); we need to get to practice, and figure out our real #ZeroCarbonEndgame!

Join us at this screening to see climate solutions like you’ve never seen them before: a systematic, candid process, with math and maps, humor, and handy sports metaphors! This is your invitation to whip Team Earth into fighting shape, in time to win the #RacetoZeroCarbon. We can, we must, and we will go…all…the…way!
Don’t be put off by the race/game format: a “game” is any activity governed by rules and metrics. It can be fun, but it’s not trivial…especially not this game.

The Race to Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic movie deconstructs the life and death game we are trapped in, and gets us on the road to winning it. Bring your friend, your neighbor, and your family climate activist to this free screening along with an interactive workshop, coaching, and zero carbon play.

For further questions, call Environmental Affairs at 973-509-5721, or email:

F r e e S h r e d – F e s t E v e n t

The annual “Montclair Shred-Fest!” will be on Saturday, April 20, 9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. at the Community Services Yard, 219 No. Fullerton Avenue; hosted by the office of Environmental Affairs, this event is free for all Montclair residents.
Residents can bring up to four (4) boxes or bags of their personal papers in reusable containers, paper bags, or cardboard boxes – up to 20 lbs. each – but NO plastic bags.
This is for confidential, personal (not business) papers only (like tax forms, medical or S.S. info, financial documents, etc).
Paper clips, staples, and envelope windows are okay, but please remove any metal clasps or hanging files, clear scotch tape is acceptable, but not masking or duct tape.
For further information, contact the office of Environmental Affairs at (973) 509-5721 or

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