Vote November 7th on Directing Revenue for Environmental Damage Lawsuits

This Tuesday, New Jersey voters will have the opportunity to vote on Ballot Question 2, on how revenue from environmental damage lawsuits should be directed. A “Yes” vote supports the allocation of that revenue to protecting natural resources and pay legal costs to pursue environmental lawsuits. From Ballotopedia:

Question 2 would create a lockbox for state revenue from legal settlements and awards related to natural resource damages in cases of environmental contamination. Revenue in the lockbox would be used to restore or replace damaged or lost natural resources, protect natural resources, and pay the legal costs of pursuing settlements and rewards. The state would be required to prioritize the use of revenue in the fund for restoring the immediate area related to the settlement or case.

Learn more about Public Question #2, to understand what a “yes” or “no” vote means on Ballotopedia:,_Revenue_from_Environmental_Damage_Lawsuits_Dedicated_to_Environmental_Projects_Amendment_(2017)