Compost at Montclair Community Farms!

Calling all apartment-and-condo-dwellers (and anyone else lacking a backyard bin)! Did you know that you can bring your compostables to Montclair Community Farms? Drop-offs are behind the Crane House at 108 Orange Road. For more information, please contact


First time compost contributors please come by on a Friday between 10 am and 12 pm and ask for one of our farm staff! If you have composted with us before feel free to drop off during daylight hours. Use the first compost bin on the left, nearest to the chicken coop.

YES: Fruit, fruit rinds, fruit pits, vegetables, leaves of any produce, leaves from the yard, coffee grinds and filters, teabags, flowers, sawdust, hair, dirt, newspapers (non glossy), eggshells, tree trimmings, paper bags, freezer burn items, whole spices, dried up herbs, nut shells, stale potato chips, cooked rice, wood chips, shredded paper, household plant trimmings, lint from dryer, pet hair.

NO: Bread, seafood, oil, cheese, meat, bones, weeds, compostable utensils, compostable containers, takeout containers, tissues, napkins, paper towels, leftover food with oil in it, cardboard, cooked waste, moldy food, gravy, butter, frying fat, potato peels, fish, fish bones, animal waste